Ultra Shimmery Stirrup Dance Tights Mamatabushi
Ultra Shimmery Stirrup Dance Tights Mamatabushi
Ultra Shimmery Stirrup Dance Tights Mamatabushi

Ultra Shimmery Stirrup Dance Tights

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These suntan colored Ultra Shimmery Stirrup Dance Tights are great for dance, exercise, and stage performances.
There is a light and free feeling to wearing these tights, that creates a super comfortable wearing experience. Also these tights retain their shape and won't sag after repeated wears.

Be sure to wear leg warmers over them for the perfect 80's aerobics look!

  • 86.9% Nylon, 13.1% Spandex
  • 100D Thickness
  • Reinforced Crotch
  • Stretch Waistband
  • High Elasticity
  • Runs small
    One Size fits 5 ft to 5.75 ft (Height), 33 in to 42.5 in (Hip), 100 lb to 155 lb (Weight)

Get ready for it, because Stirrup Tights are back in style!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I really like these tights. They’re shiny, they tighten up your stuff and they smooth everything out. My only gripe is that they’re slightly darker than anticipated.


If you are over 155 lbs, then don't try it. Beautiful, but small.


These are gorgeous and super shimmery and gave my legs the exact shiny gold look I wanted. They are smooth, tight, and sexy and definitely fit different sizes ok due to their compression stretch. I gave my second pair to a friend who is a size larger than me and they worked great for her too. They compress about like Spanx, so they are not too tight to drink/eat/dance in.


Obviously they are made for dancers, but I have worn them to cover up scars and varicose and broken veins. The fabric is very stretchy, strong, has a nice sheen and the Tan color is very attractive. The waistband seems a bit small at first, but they held up very very well!


My favourite tights ever! They hide any imperfections on my legs. I love the durability of these tights, yet they are soft and feel silky on your legs. The waist band doesn't roll down like similar brands and they stay in place even after long hours of wear.
Overall, I'm very happy so far!


These look stunning if shiny tights are what you're after. I'm 5'7" and about 130lbs. They are made of a really nice thick material that sucks your legs in and gives them a nice shape.


Love these. 💗 They work better for me than Spanx! The only issue is that they are about 1/2 inch shorter than I want them to be. I'm only 5'2, but my legs are super thick, so the tights are lower in the crutch than I'd prefer.


My niece said they were perfect for her cosplay. Good feel and nice fit was her feedback. She's 5'11 and 130lbs if that helps anyone.


The product quality is great! I purchased the Tan color and it's shiny and makes your legs look toned and slim. I am a 5ft petite woman and it still fits me well, except that the ankle portion is a bit loose on mine - maybe it's just because of my size.


These are the type of durable, highly glossy fitness tights that I was looking for. Got a good compression effect too, and emphasizes lean, toned and sexy legs!