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Time Travel to Fitness Fashion from the 1980's

Our Story Mamatabushi

Our company, Mamatabushi, was founded in February 2019 in Hamburg, Germany.
We started off as a business specializing in high-quality fitness clothing & activewear for women. As a result we contacted various overseas manufacturers to inspect the goods, and distinguish good from mediocre fabrics. That way we were able to provide some of the best textiles available on the market.
Since already in early stages we have decided to deliver our products to the American market, we have extended our areas of activity. Within a few weeks after the foundation, we have joined forces with our partners operating in Miami, Florida.
In early 2023 our company has entirely moved from Hamburg, Germany to Sheridan, Wyoming, USA.

Our Story Mamatabushi

Athleisure wear became a new norm — it’s not just a trend anymore. It’s everybody’s everyday outfit now.
For this reason and for being huge fans of the 1980's, we have gone through some transformations regarding the company's vision.
Back in the days, a fitness and aerobics craze swept the nation, and people were going crazy for the clothing that the big stars of the day were wearing.
In late 2019 our focus has changed from basic, modern activewear to 1980's inspired, awesome looking Spandex Workout and Dance Apparel.

Our Story Mamatabushi

The types of leotards, tights, and leggings we offer are the most important part of such an aerobics outfit.
Most importantly, our fabric is unlike ordinary, made to feel like a second skin.
These factors combined add up to our dedication to you, which is bringing you a retro style to the present, making it absolutely fresh & sexy again.

We can be reached via email at hello@mamatabushi.com or on our Facebook Page below.

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Behind The Scenes
Photography by Gubbels Photography
Camera "BTS" by Jan Oliver Pemöller
Makeup by Melanie Gubbels
Models: Tessa Bergmeier, Nicole Zacher