What is your return and exchange policy?
Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

Returned clothes and accessories must be in new, unworn condition without any scuffs, scratches, stains, tears, or hair and with the original hang tag attached.

In order to get your refund, please return the item to our U.S. warehouse at 9931 West Flagler St #308, Miami, FL 33174.
The shipping costs are being paid by the buyer.

In the unlikely event that your item does not arrive to you after 90 days since your purchase date, we will declare the item lost and refund the missing purchase total.

Please read our Refund Policy for detailed information.

How long does shipping take, and how much does it cost?
We ship directly from our retailers overseas. Therefore we kindly ask you to maintain a bit of patience until your order arrives.

Please allow anywhere between 12-20 business days for your order to reach your destination (Please check shipping information on the product page of the specific item for estimated shipping delivery times.)

When placing an order for more than one product and the orders are assigned to multiple warehouses, we may split the order into multiple shipments.

We offer shipping to the the USA for as low as $3.99, shipping to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for $4.99, and shipping to Germany and Switzerland for $8.99 per order.

We offer free shipping on all orders over US $75. This however does not apply to orders shipped to Europe.

How can I get a status update for my order?
All orders will be tracked for safe and smooth transactions.

You can track your order with the Tracking ID provided to you by using the following link:

The tracking information seems not to update. Is there anything wrong with my order?
In short: No. Customers from the United States may see their order status at
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
for up to 10 business days after having placed the order.

Reason is that for USPS parcels, the update takes place once your order arrives to a USPS shipping station within the USA for final delivery.

So again, do not worry. Just maintain a bit of patience please. Your order will be en route safely.

Where do you produce your apparel?
Our apparel manufacturer is located near Hong Kong, China.

We can already hear your thoughts...
“Wait... did you just say China?”

Yes, we did! What really mattered to us was finding a way to produce clothing that used ethically sourced, high quality materials, like the silk/lycra fabric available in these regions, while at the same time being ethically produced.

Our facility is a small manufacturer - with no mass production, and guaranteed no child/ unethical labour - the production is always carried out with the highest possible quality of workmanship.
Also our spandex production does not require any animals to be killed or harmed.

We searched globally for a manufacturer such as this, one that could meet our standards as well as provide an affordable cost to our customers.

Why you should buy from us?
We're a family-owned business committed to spread high-quality spandex wear to people all over the world.

As fans of the 1980's we are dedicated to bringing you a retro style to the present, making it absolutely fresh & sexy again.
At the same time we constantly make sure to deliver to you some of the best textiles and fabrics available on the market.

Our spandex apparel is ultra-stretchy and durable and most of all, silky smooth with high gloss.
A second skin has never been as eye-catching before!